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fabricant: MaxFlightStick
nom del model /número: B206/R22 Twist Throttle Package
 tamany / dimensions: 48.5L x 24W x 30H

Flight Simulator Hardware for Bell 206 & Robinson 22 Helicopters
(The R-22 has its own electronics and cyclic arm that the pilot can assemble after removing the Bell 206 Cyclic stick).
Compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7, Win10, Mac OS, FSX, X-Plane, P3D, WarThunder and all flying PC games and Flight simulators!
Plug and Play with only one USB connection avoiding multiple connections to the PC USB ports.
12 bit analog digital converter for all axes
5 configurable axes
6 configurable buttons / switches: 3 buttons on Cyclic; 2 switches and 1 button on Collective and Twist Throttle
Easy assemble and conversion between B206/R22 configurations.
Realistic Cyclic/ Rudder/ Collective travel distance
Custom hydraulic dampers on cyclic &collective gives smooth and realistic feel and performance.
Twist Throttle has realistic friction feel provided by a custom damper built inside the unit
Idle release detent button simulates behavior of what is on full scale helis.
Heavy Duty Rudder is spring loaded
Precise Movements
Easy Setup

All controls are mounted on a custom made base board to provide solid performance. I mounted the controls off center to suite my computer desk set up. One may mount the controls on a base board of one's own design. Other mounting options available if this base board is not to your preference. All hardware mounted with hex cap screws on a base board.
Added anti-torque pedal "which prevents pedals from creeping board

All original accessories are included with the original manual.

The hydraulic dampers give the controls a smooth realistic feel. They move heavy fluid with each movement by the pilot. The anti-torque pedals is the only control that lacks the dampers.
The anti-torque pedals have strong springs to provide pedal resistance.

I think this is a fantastic deal / price for what one is getting. This package cost me around $1700+ with shipping charges. It performs very well with X-Plane simulation software that I used it with.
The only item that I might modify is the anti-torque pedals by replacing the strong springs with a weaker ones.

It has very few hours of usage.

Photos 10 through 13 show my setup flying a Schwiezer 300BCi heli within the X-Plane simulator software.
Only the Max Flight Stick controls are for sale. All other hardware or software shown is for display purposes only.

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