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Works like new even tuneup mode is properly functioning. It was in my father's tool shed for a bit, and kept clean and dry. He no longer has a use for it so I am helping him sell it.

Charges all DEWALT® 24V batteries so that 24V users need only one charger. Charges all 24V batteries in 1 hour or less thus minimizing down time. 3-Stage charging system provides maximum run-time and extends overall life of the battery. Battery thermal protection system prevents charging batteries that are too hot or too cold which would cause damage to the battery and a loss of run-time. Designed to increase run-time up to 40 percent, the DW0245 charges all DEWALT 24-volt batteries in about an hour.

DeWalt Heavy-Duty 24 Volt NiCd Battery Charger with Tune-Up Mode
Model DW0245
Replaces DW0246

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