Freestanding Climbing Bouldering Wall (no holds) - $600 (Colorado Springs)

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Pejn near 19th

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condition: excellent
make / manufacturer: Homemade
size / dimensions: See Description

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Selling a wall I built in my garage during COVID-19. I've moved to Fort Collins and am now renting the house where this thing resides out to a tenant who prefers it not be there...so sadly, it has to go and will not fit in our new place.

It's free-standing and not attached to the garage, meaning it could be used indoor anywhere, or, with some clever covering/tarp, could be used in an outdoor environment as well. Has been used exclusively indoors.

I don't recall the angle I used but it is somewhere between 40-50 degrees...very steep, very stout.

Currently has hammer-in t-nuts installed on 99% of the holes and I'll throw in the bazillion extra t-nuts (200+?) that haven't been used.

Back-side doubles as storage; can place the padding back there when parking a car under it, or store your misc. garage tools/items back there like I did.

It's made of 2x6" and 100% construction/decking screws because I over-engineered it; but that makes it the sturdiest home wall you'll ever set fingers on. You can hang on it, swing side to side, anything you want, and this thing doesn't budge at all. The legs aren't merely attached via 1/2" bolt, but also corner-braced and the wall sits on half of the vertical posts (I cut them to the shape of the wall). It also means it is heavy as hell and must be dismantled in 3 portions to remove. The legs/supports come off, the wall detaches from the kickboard, and with 4 folks, can be moved in that manner. Likely will need a flatbed truck/trailer since it is too large for a regular pick-up.

I've included a photo with holds to show just how many it can handle; holds are NOT included. This is the wall and pads only. Yes, the padding IS included, everything you see. Sort of custom-cut from what I had to fit under here. 4" foam under a 1.5" soft-top, originally acquired from CityRock during re-purposing.

You get the wall, t-nuts, finger-board (on the side, not necessary for the wall's stability, just put it there for the hell of it), and padding as shown. NO holds! You can have the bottle-opener on the side as well ;)

Wall dimensions:

8'x4" vertically from top to bottom...if your garage is less than this, don't inquire. Top is flat so there is room for finishing routes or simply doing pull-ups on the top of the wall.

10'x10" long from front to back when including the padding

8'x2" long from front to back when excluding the padding (the wall itself only)

8'x4" wide from side to side; wide enough to fit a standard car under (my Subaru Outback fits under the wall within the garage)

10' long from the top of the kickboard to the top (essentially the length of the climbing area)

Serious inquiries only as selling will require a day-trip down from Fort Collins (most likely weekend dates) and coordination with my tenants to fumble around in the garage. I will help deconstruct so you know how to put the legs back together; bring at least 3 strong folks (3 hold the wall up while 1 dismantles the legs).

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