I Take Freshwater Snails & Invertebrates!

Do you have inverts you want to get rid of? I provide an excellent home for unwanted freshwater snails, limpets, shrimp, crabs, and crayfish in need! Bring them to Wolf Ranch and I promise to provide them with the best care possible.

Snails I'll Happily Adopt:
•Colombian Giant Ramshorn
•Magnificent Ramshorn
•Common River Snail
•Margined Ramshorn
•Malaysian Trumpet
•Freshwater Turbo
•Keeled Ramshorn
•Cappuccino Spike
•Red Racer Nerite
•Pink Lady Nerite
•White Wizard
•Olive Nerite
•Great Pond
•Black Devil

Limpets I'll Happily Adopt:
•Marbled Limpet
•River Limpet
•Lake Limpet

Shrimp I'll Happily Adopt:
Sun Orange Amano

Crabs I'll Happily Adopt:
Freshwater Pompom Crabs
Thai Micro Crabs

Crayfish I'll Happily Adopt:
Brazos Dwarf Crayfish

Snails I'll Take, If Needed:
•Orange Giant Sulawesi Rabbit
•White Spotted Rabbit
•Lightning Bolt Nerite
•Gold Spotted Rabbit
•Japanese Trapdoor
•Black Racer Nerite
•King Koopa Nerite
•Red-Lipped Nerite
•Gold Racer Nerite
•Sun Thorn Nerite
•Chocolate Rabbit
•Tiger Chopstick
•Batman Nerite
•Horned Nerite
•Golden Rabbit
•Zebra Nerite
•Tiger Nerite
•Batik Nerite
•Blue Rabbit

Shrimp I'll Take, If Needed:
•Indian Whisker

Crabs I'll Take, If Needed:
•Freshwater Leopard
•Red Claw

Crayfish I'll Take, If Needed:
•Mexican Dwarf


My Experience:
I have kept, bred, adopted, rescued, and rehabilitated freshwater and brackish animals since 2012 after I was diagnosed with a rare kidney disease and treated with chemotherapy at age 8, on top of a previous autoimmune disease diagnosed at age 2. I always support the under dog. Many dislike snails, specifically those labeled as "pests", but I've been fascinated with aquatic and terrestrial species since childhood. I have experience with the magnificent, margined, and keeled ramshorns, black racer, olive, tiger, and zebra nerites, mystery, bladder, great pond, malaysian trumpet, and japanese trapdoor snails, mini freshwater limpets, brazos dwarf and swamp crayfish, thai micro, fiddler, and red claw crabs, as well as amano and ghost shrimp! I have a large "fish room" dedicated to freshwater, brackish, and terrestrial invertebrates, fish, reptiles, amphibians, and an old gerbil.

My Promise:
I promise to provide your shelled pet with the best possible care: a large aquarium with a tight-fitting lid, live plants, safe sponge filtration, clean water, proper nutrition, and peaceful tankmates.

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