Giant 19' Wood pallets | Plastic pallets - $50

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condition: good
make / manufacturer: PLANTERS | GARDEN | LANDSCAPING
model name / number: RETAINING WALLS
size / dimensions: CLICK TO SEE MORE⬇️MATERIALS

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19' GIANT WOOD PALLETS and MISC Types of Pallets - Multiple Sizes and Colors

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Giant Wood Pallets👉https://www.repurposedmaterialsinc.com/wood/
Wood Pallet with Steel Frame👉https://www.repurposedmaterialsinc.com/wooden-pallets/wood
Plastic Pallets👉 https://www.repurposedmaterialsinc.com/plastic-pallets/

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GIANT WOOD PALLETS: 🟢 $200.00 per pallet
Dimensions: 19' x 89-3/4" x 11" | Weight: Approx. 350 lbs. each
Shipping Method: PTL, FTL or Local Pick-up
backSTORY: Having served as the mode of transportation for the secure shipment of conveyor systems from Europe, these large Wooden Pallets are now at your disposal. They can be “repurposed” in various ways, such as being transformed into a front porch or a beautiful garden wall. How will you “reuse” or “repurpose” these large Wooden Pallets?

Dimensions: Length: 60″ | Width: 36″ | Height: 13-1/2″
Inside Dimensions: Length: 60″ | Width: 36″ | Height: 4″
Weight: Approx. 187 lbs. each
Material: Wood
Condition: Used
Shipping Method: LTL, PTL or Local Pick-up
backSTORY: These pallets, previously utilized by Halliburton—one of the largest oil field service companies globally—feature a sturdy steel frame surrounding them. This steel framing not only enhances their durability but also opens up numerous possibilities for “repurposing” and “reuse“. How will you “reuse” or “repurpose” these Steel Framed Wooden Pallets?

ALSO Available: Local Pick-up
🟢$10.00 each | MISC Plastic Pallets | Assorted Sizes, Types and Colors

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