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Hi I am currently active duty military and I use unwanted/freezer burned plain meats to make my dogs food. Several of them have allergies to commercial pet feed, so this works great for them.

If it was fit for human consumption when it went into the freezer, they can eat it! It doesn't matter if it was frozen for a year or three years...they will love it.

Any plain raw meat, with or without bones, organs too.

With the exception of any poultry (like I said they have pretty bad allergies)

Beef, Buffalo, Elk, Goat, Lamb, Rabbit, Pork, Fish, Deer, Elk, Sardines, Ostrich...Bison, you name it we can use it!!

No breading, spices, herbs. We can not use Ham, sausage, bacon, hot dogs, lunch meat, or any other meat that has been smoked, cooked already, or had any other grains, veggies or fruits added to it.

Meats a day or three past the sale date CAN BE used to feed the dogs with no problems.

If you hunt or raise your own meat and have parts you don't want, like ears, lungs, hearts, trachea, kidney, liver, brains...we CAN USE THOSE TOO!

If you don't want to eat it, don't toss it out...I'll come and pick it up....the more you have, the farther I can afford to drive for it!
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