123 N 3rd Street near Victor Ave

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start time: 9:00 AM

Citywide Garage Sale – in the Plaza and at residences and businesses around town. Maps available at the Claim Jumper General Store at 102 N 3rd Street, Victor, CO 80860

You name it and it will probably be for sale. Antiques to Zombies?, well maybe Zombie dolls, you never know what you might find in Victor. Here is a list of a bunch of stuff that will probably be for sale including antiques & collectibles, apparel, arts & crafts, automotive parts/stuff, electronics, furniture, glassware, jewelry, housewares, sporting goods, tools, toys, handmade stuff, food and much, much more. To get to Victor, find Colorado Springs, go west, travel Highway 24 west or go over Pikes Peak, pass through Cascade and Woodland Park, turn left and go south on Highway 67 at the traffic light in Divide (known as the Center of the Universe). Do not pick-up any deer or elk that are often standing near the road along the way, they are rascals and cannot be trusted. There will be signs tempting you to go to Cripple Creek, do not head their call, if you ever make to Victor after Cripple Creek you won’t have any money left to buy any of the cool stuff you came for. Almost all joking aside, you will pass Mueller State Park, hiking trails and great scenery, stop and take a picture but don’t be distracted from your mission, remember – Garage Sales. You will being going up hill and travel through many turns in the road. After many turns in the road you will come to a straight part, here you will see a big Victor sign saying next left. If you want to take the very scenic short cut to Victor take the next left, the highway makes a big sweeping turn to the right and you get in the left hand turn lane and turn left. After the initial turn you will be going straight for a while and pass a KOA Campground on the left. If you stay on this paved County Road 81 the whole way, you won’t get lost, you will see some cool scenic stuff and you will arrive in Victor. If you were distracted and missed the turn off of Hwy 67 to Victor and end up in Cripple Creek, I am sorry, just don’t be tempted to stop, lock your doors and cover your children’s eyes (I am just kidding again). When you get to the stop sign on Bennett Ave where there is a giant new casino (Chamonix Casino & Hotel) on your right, turn left and you will once again be on Highway 67 on the way to Victor, it’s just 4 miles, so hang in there, you resisted temptation and are about to be rewarded. When you arrive in Victor you cannot miss the downtown, all roads lead to downtown. Find 3rd Street, it’s after 4th and before 2nd Street or after 2nd Street and before 4th depending on which way you are going. In the block North of Victor Ave on 3rd Street, you will find the Plaza where people who like to move stuff, brought their garage sale together. Across the street from the Plaza is the Claim Jumper store where you can get a map to the other garage sales around town. The store also has supplies for your journey. Everything is in walking distance but it is hilly and high altitude, nearly 10,000 feet, so you might want to drive some places. You should allow yourself to get distracted by the Gold Camp Bakery, the 1899 Bar and Grill, Phantom Canyon Coffee, Victor Trading Company where brooms and tinware are still handmade the old fashioned way. After you have enjoyed a most magical day imbibing in the charms that are Victor Colorado, you may have wished that you booked some overnight lodging to enjoy the charms a little longer. Look on the map you picked up and start hunting for any rooms available on a Holiday Weekend, you never know, you might get lucky. Only after you have enjoyed all of Victor's charms, then you can go to see Rita the Giant Troll just outside of town and the other Great Gold Camp town, Cripple Creek! Cheers!

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