5/21: Colorado School of Original Christianity (Colorado Springs)

Weekly classes Tuesday nights 7-8pm. Reply to this post for more info.

CSOC is a nondenominational school teaching the original, non-watered-down
Gospel of the Spirit-led life of Jesus, wanting us to know God as he knew God.
See how perfect the biblical Christianity of Jesus was (and still is) before the man-
made theologies of the Catholic, Protestant, and Evangelical religions were adopted.

Christian whistleblower Carl F. Bierdeman's newly released “Christianity According to Jesus: John 17: The Final Reformation” blows the lid off of today's Christianity

Carl F. Bierdeman's new book “Christianity According to Jesus: John 17: The Final Reformation” from Christian Faith Publishing sends a powerful, articulate message to the Christian community that it needs to change to conform to what Jesus has taught about eternal life.

Bierdeman shares, “Just before Jesus was crucified , he met with his disciples to tell them the way to eternal life. He told them they needed to know God the way he knew God. He prayed that their spirits be ‘one in the same’ with the spirit of God (The Holy Spirit) the same as his spirit was ‘one in the same’ with the spirit of God. This is what Jesus was talking about when he said, ‘I and the Father are one.’. To be spiritually related to God through the Holy Spirit is the way God wants to ‘know’ us and is the way to Heaven. Jesus showed us that God gives the Holy Spirit to those who obey him. God will give us the Spirit the same way he gave it to Jesus if we obey him.”
“About 1500 years after Jesus told his disciples and those who were to follow (us) how to get to Heaven, the Catholic Church had turned ‘Christianity’ into something that wasn't even close to what Jesus was talking about. There were a number of ‘reformers’ who risked being burned at the stake by going against the Catholic Church. Two of these men, Martin Luther and John Calvin (and others) came up with their own teachings which attracted followers and also led to the many different Protestant and Evangelical denominations we have today. The problem is none of these reformers taught what Jesus told his disciples. We still need a ‘final reformation.’”

The whole point of Christianity is to become one with God through the Holy Spirit (Maturity, Heb. 6:1) the way Jesus became one with God through the Holy Spirit (Obedience, Heb. 5:8-9). This is salvation.
- Jesus, John 17 -

“Christianity According to Jesus: John 17: The Final Reformation” is available online on:
Amazon.com , Barnes & Noble, Apple iTunes

Christianity is not an exact science.

Nobody is rubber stamped into heaven.

Theology won't save you. John 5:39.

Christianity is spiritual, relational and experiential.

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