Lot 35 Vintage Church History Doctrine Books Calvin Luther Eusebius Th - $5

Calvin’s Doctrine of the Word and Sacrament by Ronald S. Wallace, Sound Doctrine Vol. 2 by C.R. Nichol and R.L. Whiteside, The Essential Eusebius by Colm Luibheid, The Small Catechism of Dr. Martin Luther by Joseph Stump, Martin Luther the Reformer by Moody Press + Lot Makers of the modern theological mind vintage books with dust covers. Rudolf Bultmann by Morris Ashcroft, Wolfhart Pannenberg by Don H. Olive (2), Marin Buber by Stephen M. Panko, Gerhard Von Rad by James L. Crenshaw, Anders Nygren by Thor Hall (2), Charles Hartshorn by Alan Gragg (2), Ian Ramsey by Wm B. Williamson (softcover) + The Theology of Reinhold Niebuhr by Edward J. Carnell, Paul and Outline of His Theology by Herman Ridderbos + The Christ of the Covenants, The Israel of God: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow + God and Government: A Biblical and Historical Study Volume 1 by Gary DeMar, Hammond’s Complete World Atlas 1950, ancient semitic civilizations by sabatino moscati 1957 + why israel matter: past, present, future by mathew staver with john aman + The Five Points of Calvinism by George L. Bryson, The Wisdom of The Fathers by Erik Routley, Y’Shua: The Jewish Way to Say Jesus by Moishe Rosen, Share the New Life with a Jew by Moishe and Ceil Rosen, They Thought for Themselves: Ten Amazing Jews by Sid Roth (2), The Incomplete Church: Bridging the Gap Between God’s Children by Sid Roth + The Secular City: A Celebration of its liberties and an invitation to its discipline by Harvey Cox, The Mythmaker: Paul and the Invention of Christianity by Hyam Maccoby, The Mystery of the Gentiles by Ted R. Wieland, Great Doctrines of the Bible: The Return of Jesus Christ by G.T. Manley, Seven Theories of Human Nature by Leslie Stevenson

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