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A Worthy Company: Brief Lives of the framers of the United States Constitution by M.E. Bradford, Citizen Christians: The Rights and Responsibilities of Dual Citizenship by Richard D. Land & Louis A. Moore, Revivalism & Social Reform: American Protestantism on the Eve of the Civil War by Timothy L. Smith, Here’s Where I Stand: A Memoir by Senator Jesse Helms, wall of misconception: does the separation of church and state mean the separation of God and government? By Peter a Lillback, religious apartheid: the separation of religion from American public life by John W Whitehead, miracle at Philadelphia by Catherine drinker Bowen (2), lincoln’s devotional by carl sandburg, Lord of the second Advent: a rare look inside terrifying world of the Moonies by Steve Kemperman, seeing the city with the eyes of God by Floyd McClung, the coming great awakening by David l McKenna, the high cost of indifference: concussions afford not to act? By Richard cizik, the American covenant: the untold story by Marshall Foster, loyal opposition: a Christian response to the Clinton agenda by John Eidsmoe, God‘s politician: William Wilberforces struggle by Garth Lean, a heart that yearned for God: Abraham Lincoln: his life and faith by g Frederick Owen, history, and Christianity by John Warwick Montgomery, the protestant ethic and the spirit of capitalism by Max Weber, God, and man in Time: a Christian approach to historiography by Earl e cairns, the separation of church and freedom: a war manual for Christian soldiers by Kent Kelly. OBO

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