Artist Looking to do Portraits of YOU in my Style (from Idaho Falls)


Now that I have settled down from my artistic travels over the past year, I am looking to sell my original art/prints or better yet, be commissioned to do portraits of people in my style.

You might be asking yourself, "Why do you draw people with blue "energy" skin?" Well, that is easy enough to answer. It has to do with the angels I encountered during a Near Death Experience back in 2012. Since then,
I have been obsessed with attempting to portray what I saw and come to perfect it just over the past year while homeless. I have sold a couple of my blue skinned portraits and can't wait to do more of them. Though, if blue isn't your thing, you could be any other color of the rainbow if you like.

Painting used to be my thing but, I have learned to love the Prismacolors since becoming homeless. They are a lot easier to carry around than paints and canvas. For now, commissioned portraits can come in a 9" by 12" or 6" by 8". These portraits can take up to a week or two to finish, depending on my circumstances. The lighting in my current residence isn't the best so I tend to work by day.

If you are interested in having a portrait done of you, your family, your dog, or whatever, you can contact me by phone, email, or by going to my art website. The link is below.

If you want any of my existing artwork, prints are available for $20 if you are local to Idaho Falls, or $25 if you live elsewhere. The extra $5 covers shipping and handling. They are unframed so the savings are passed unto you. For all I know, you have a bunch of unused frames in your attic or something.

Originals are on a haggle basis. Keep in mind the time it takes to get a single piece of artwork done. On the street, I had folks offer me $20 for 9" by 12" originals that took 5 days to create. That doesn't feed a person for two days, so, keep current economics/cost of living in mind when haggling. $200 plus for that size would be most welcome though, I can be talked down if I am enduring a financial crisis. Which is pretty much all of the time. #starvingartist

Thank you and may the Universe bless you!

brandon truster


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