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Free Wilbert Gay, Jr. (Colorado Springs) map [xundo]

Trump.... (Reality Check) pic [xundo]

RE: Caucusing for Trump 2016 (waste of time) pic [xundo]

Simple minded pugs continue being duped [xundo]

BaRaWaK YaHaWaH ILaWaN (C/S) pic map [xundo]

DNC speaks to empty College Democrat event (Reality Check) pic [xundo]

Voter with a memory (Reality Check) pic [xundo]

Caucusing for Trump 2016 map [xundo]

National Debt Update (USA) [xundo]

Pomeranian Mix Puppy (Colorado Springs) pic map [xundo]

"[You] don't flag[?]" (You're spending your entire day doing it) pic [xundo]

ogre myers wants to take a shot at me so badly... pic [xundo]

I don't flag.... (have you found your man card yet boy?) pic [xundo]

Scott Walker (Why do KKKons flag the truth?) pic [xundo]

Silly ogre myers flagging posts about runaway CEO PAY [xundo]

Bernie Sanders making headway in "red states" with his government... (Sanders 2016) pic [xundo]

AMAZING, even Arnold the barbarian... [xundo]

Murdoch vs. Trump [xundo]

The South is a lost cause...let's move on! [xundo]

How about this little gem? pic [xundo]

Voter with a memory? (memba this?) pic [xundo]

Voter with a memory? (Living the dream) pic [xundo]

'29 & 08? That's the First and Second Great Republican Depressions (Voter With a Memory) pic [xundo]

Repubs vs. Dems [xundo]

National Debt Update (USA) [xundo]

gullible, controllable, and stupid the American public are. [xundo]

A minority Report pic [xundo]

John McCain isn't a war hero because he was captured... pic [xundo]

Re:re:Of course you should "stop there." (TEXAS) [xundo]

What dumbshit would flag a post about 9/11 irregularities? [xundo]

What is better, Socialism OR a Govt managed economy..... (Liberal Avenger) pic [xundo]

What is better, Socialism or a Govt managed economy..... (Why do libs flag the truth?) pic [xundo]

Socialism? (Liberal Avenger) pic [xundo]

Socialism.... (Reality Check) pic [xundo]