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RE: Vaccination Injury (Stupidland) [xundo]

Nope... [xundo]

Poor Barney [xundo]

RE: Vaccination Injury (Stupidland) [xundo]

I'm looking so forward to tomorrow's news coverage of "W's"... pic [xundo]

The "mighty liberal" is a Coward.... (Reality Check) [xundo]

Butt hurt stinkyfinger the 5'9 pic [xundo]

Conservative logic 101 pic [xundo]

Real eyes, realize, real lies pic [xundo]

Clueless stinkyfinger the 5'9 pic [xundo]

Facts are Liberal? More like.... conservatism is hypocrisy pic [xundo]

Man up? pic [xundo]

RE: well if it isn't 'empty threat' stinkyfinger (Man up Coward) [xundo]

America can do better than Hillary! (america) pic map [xundo]

Clueless stinkyfinger pic [xundo]

well if it isn't 'empty threat' stinkyfinger pic [xundo]

Clueless Liberal Avenger.... (Reality Check) pic [xundo]

Worst President in Modern History? Guess again Foolish lib (Reality Check) pic [xundo]

Facts are Liberal? More like.... Liberalism is Hypocrisy (Reality Check) pic [xundo]

(Liberal Avenger) [xundo]

Another Interesting Reagan (Worst President in Modern History) Quote (Liberal Avenger) pic [xundo]

Blaming Bush for obama's failures is like crediting clinton for (Reagan's success) pic [xundo]

Remember this? [xundo]

"Freedom itself was attacked." George W. Bush [xundo]

BaRaWaK YaHaWaH ILaWaN (C/S) pic map [xundo]

Re: Conservative Troll? (I agree...too funny!) [xundo]

So let me get this straight... [xundo]

"Utter ignorance": Jerry Brown calls out Carly Fiorina for her... [xundo]

Bernie Sanders: Worldwide the Financial Rules are Rigged to Favor... [xundo]

Canada Sends Help to Third World US to Fight Fires Because GOP... [xundo]

Why Do People Vote Against Their Best Interests? [xundo]

A Day In The Life OF A Conservative (Liberal Avenger) pic [xundo]

National Debt Update (USA) [xundo]

Conservative Troll? (too funny) [xundo]

Pathetic Things (Black Forest Bunker) [xundo]

re: This conservative troll is pathetic (sad really) (Liberal Avenger) pic [xundo]

This board is pathetic (sad really) [xundo]

Voter with a memory (Reality check) pic [xundo]